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Friday, 4 March 2011

Here's to Good Friends

Having worked for the last 5 years in a place where I had no choice but to interact with 100 children and their families, along with another friendly 20 staff members on a daily basis, I never had to worry about isolation, or feeling socially deprived.

Having been at home for two months now, interacting with family only on a daily basis has given a new appreciation for my friends (and family of course).

I'm finding now that I have to make an effort to not isolate myself. It is so easy to just sit here with my laptop, and not talk to anyone. But it is so not at all good for me. A doctor writes that being isolated with this kind of illness can lead to some serious consequences; anxiety, depression, and, when finally coming face to face with the world, panic attacks. I came close once at the dentist - had a lovely little anxiety attack when I had to wait too long in a crowded waiting room.
So I decided a couple of weeks back, after seeing a friend I had not really hung out with in years, that I would make a serious effort not to isolate myself.

I started slow, going out for dinner with just my Mom. It was so nice, that I was encouraged to commit to making some kind of social contact every day - beyond facebook - and to see someone socially at least once a week. So far, it has been wonderfully re-generating. I find myself being happier to rest at times when I really have to, and more at ease when I step out the door.

Every time I can do something without experiencing a crash, I feel like I can do more. My confidence is coming back slowly, thanks to friends who understand my predicament, and are happy to spend just a little while doing low-key things with me.

Being with people, and talking about things other than my nervous system or my energy levels is so refreshing. I can connect to bigger things, and get less focussed on the 'wrongs' and my condition. I can get excited about what they're doing, and about our conversations.

So here's to good friends, supportive families, and being well enough to be together! Did you raise your glass? What do you mean you don't have one? Go get one, and raise it!


  1. LeChaim!

    To Live!!

    P.S. We had our shot yesterday, right??!!

  2. Sometimes I go about pitying myself
    and all the time
    I am being carried on great winds
    across the sky.
    ~~~Ojibway saying~~~

    Distance doesn't keep me from holding you in my arms, patience my love.

  3. Yes, I do believe a shot of tea counts, Danielle!

    Cuq, I want a real hug sometime real soon!

  4. ME TOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!