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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Brain Fog Has Invaded My Dreams

Seriously. Even in my dreams, I am now unable to perform basic cognitive tasks.

I dreamt last night that Eduardo and I needed to go to a plaza, and we decided to go into Starbucks. I got out of the car, but left it running. Got back in, turned it off. Left the keys inside.... Fast forward... we're walking a loooong way home with our drinks, when I realize I don't remember having walked there. I ask him: "Did we walk to Starbucks?"

This has become a recurring theme in my dreams. I keep leaving my car in random places, only to remember when I start to get tired from the walk (because it's usually more than a 10 minute walk if I drove in the first place) or when I realize how far I am from home. Gotta love the strange logic of dreams. The funny thing is that it's never the car I have now, it's always my previous one - the red Saturn. I hope that is a good omen. Maybe all it means is that on a subconscious level I feel like I've left my old car behind? I like that idea better than it being a prescient dream, for sure!

I'm pretty sure the brain fog in my waking life won't get bad enough that I'll try to walk home from anywhere, but I wake up feeling strange after those dreams - like my reality has somehow invaded my dream.

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  1. Thoughts are things
    that draw life to you,
    like a magnet to steel!
    They're how dreams come true.
    So DREAM on and dream BIG,
    They're all meant to be,
    cause it's you who decides
    on your own destiny.