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Friday, 1 April 2011

Mamasick and Me

Today I have the honour of being a guest blogger at mamasick.com; an established and popular blog run by Emily, who I met through some shared conversations at a wonderful forum for the chronically and invisibly ill.

It's been an interesting process, writing for someone else's site. When I write for here, I don't really think - I just go. The words flow, because I only write when they come to me. Emily's offer to guest-blog came after I made a comment on one of her posts. She asked me to elaborate on the idea that, anthropologically speaking, it makes perfect sense that we stare at people in wheelchairs.

Expounding on anthropological factors and evolutionary theories is certainly not new to me. But writing about them on a personal level, that is approachable and un-serious is a whole new experience. I actually found it quite difficult. Emily was supportive, and helped edit out the more academically leaning sections. But really, wow, what an interesting experience.

Now, go to mamasick.com to read what I wrote!

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