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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Naturopathic Hope

Today my parents took me to visit my naturopath. She is far more versed in this illness than my GP, which means she has more answers and more resources. It also means that I feel more hopeful when I leave her office, because she is better able to explain the protocols she is using, even though I love my GP and deeply respect her as a doctor and a person.

Here is why I like the naturopath:
She listens.
Her research is very up to date.
She knows who's doing what, and which doctors are doing the most important work.
She believes in focused supplementing, rather than throwing everything at me at once.
She gets it.
She talks to me in ways that I understand, and is totally straight with us.
She is willing to answer every question we can throw at her.

Here's where we're at: it seems that the big focus right now is on the gut. While many of the body's systems are indeed affected, the gut is where the big issue seems to be. It seems that there is a tremendous overgrowth of bacteria in my small intestine which is producing some kind of gas (she did name it, and I promptly forgot the name) which causes the general malaise and - get this - the brain fog. Yes, the brain fog is actually being caused by these little buggers in my gut.

So these little buggers in my gut are overgrown - off the charts were the words she used - and they are very resistant. They really like my body, and don't want to leave me. Apparently this is very common for people with my condition. She's been trying to get to them through oil of oregano, but that hasn't worked. So we are trying something else now, for the next couple of months. It's all trial and error, it takes a few months to see if the remedies (although I'm starting to think of it more as artillery using different kinds of ammunition) actually makes a difference.

While I am disappointed (can't help it) that once again I have to wait and see whether the treatment takes effect, I am now more confident that we are indeed doing things in the right order and in the right way. It's also good to know that we are working on a solid theory, that is being investigated by doctors all over the place. Finally, I am also heartened that if this fails, there are more things to try. I guess I've always been lucky that the first round of meds I've been offered for everything else I've been through has worked. I know many people have to experiment, and deal with side effects, so in that sense, I've had it easy. Not this time.

She also recommended trying a yoga class, a pedometer, and checking out osteopaths and lymphatic drainage. Apparently it's a good thing I can sweat, because most people with my condition can't, which makes detoxing way harder. Next time we meet, she is going to do some tests to rule out Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, which really just means my heart doesn't like upright positions.

Bottom line: same as before. I am doing everything right, and it will take more time. She said that the most important thing I can do at this point is keep on lowering the overall strain on my body; pacing, sleeping properly, and leveling out blood sugars. Which puts the onus on me, to follow a stricter regimen. This is not something I've ever really all that good at, so I guess I'm going to have to change that. Good thing I signed up for that self-care course that starts next week. I could definitely use the extra support there.

So yes, another day another doctor, but this time I feel like I have some direction, somewhere to go, something to try.


  1. Does that mean we go for health food next time? I really want to try a vegetarian on Yonge, just north of Eglinton! Oops, but what about the animal proteins you must eat? Let's talk about it :)

  2. Good luck. I know trying things and waiting is a pain but it is worth it. I am seeing someone similar and I felt better today than I have in a whole year but I have been seeing my person for 2 months now and we had to try several things. I feel like my gut is finally getting better. I had lost all hope of anything working and then something finally did. Sending healing thoughts your way.

  3. Danielle, I'm sure I'll be fine with a few veggie proteins for one meal! Let's do it.

    Brittany, Thanks! It's good to know others go through the same thing. Glad to hear something is working for you... gives me hope :) Always appreciate the healing thoughts, and I'll be sending some your way as well.