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Monday, 30 May 2011

New Hobby - Wire-wrapping

I've started a new hobby, although really it's returning to an old one. Many years ago, I made coasters, and bracelets and all kinds of things from bead and wire. When my mom returned from her recent trip out West, she brought me three beautiful stones with healing qualities; hematite, quartz, and I'm not sure what the other one is, and she forgot. But she picked them our specially for me, because each has properties that support particular aspects of my personal healing process. If only she could remember what they actually were...

I'm restless. I feel like I need to be doing things with my hands, even when I'm lying on the couch. And I love the stones she brought me, and the reason she brought them, and I want to have them near me. But they're stones - they haven't been drilled. But I really want to make some jewellery out of them so I can wear them all the time. So I called on my dear friend Google, who led me to some really neat ideas.

I've spent some time the last couple of weeks learning and practicing how to wire-wrap. I started off with some spare wire that I had in the house from previous endeavours, and some simple needle-nose pliers. I crocheted a bracelet out of something I had lying around, and hooked my stones onto it. It was super cool, but not quite the effect I wanted, and the wire was too thin to really keep the stones safe. I was worried they would fall out.

So I spent some money. Invested. Right! Again with the help of my dear friend Google, I found a sweet online, relatively local purveyor of all things beads. I bought some lovely chains, a dragonfly charm (because dragonflies represent our ancestors), thicker wire, and a really sweet set of tools - with zebra patterned handles. They're adorable, and useful. The package came late last week, and now I have everything I need to get creative.

First, I made a lovely pendant that I'm going to gift to a special friend. Then I set down to work out what I wanted. It took quite a bit of experimenting with different styles of wrapping, lengths of chain, and placement, but I'm super happy with the results.

I'm rather pleased with myself. Ok, so I can't work, and I can't dance, and I can't read anything that really requires brain power. But I can still learn new tricks, and I can most definitely still bring more beauty into this world. That makes me feel really really good.

Now let's see if I can get some pics up here:


  1. I want one. They're too beautiful.

  2. You have made beauty in the world! What an accomplishment! I want you to know you have inspired me to pursue the artistic side of me that the business world I was in killed.

    We are redoing a bathroom and the beautiful antique looking cabinet that is actually my bathroom sink stand came with an ugly white bowl. Those vessel sinks that sit on the counter are basically a ceramic bowl with a hole in it for a drain. How hard could it be to make my own or even several to change out when I get bored with one? So I am going to look into taking a class to throw pottery.

    Thank you for inspiring me!

    Muse_7 from BYDLS

  3. Debby, what a great idea! Pottery is so soothing. As you know from my BYDLS posts, the inspiration goes both ways! Thanks for letting me know!