I always thought of blogs as being narcissistic, business related, or as my sister's, a way of keeping in touch or memorializing.

But, by necessity, I am learning a lot about myself. I find I need to get my thoughts out, and it helps me to know that someone else will read them. So I have created this little space for myself, to express the things I have trouble saying (be it emotional or physical trouble), to share what I'm going through, and what I'm learning through it.

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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Crashed out

The crash has come. I've been expecting it. I knew it was coming. And now it's here.

If you've read my last few posts, you know what a week I've had. This was inevitable. I can only hope it does not last too long.

My weakened heart pushes lead through my veins.
My mind is enveloped in a hurricane, that blows thoughts through at lightning speeds, leaves holes behind and twists and turns all the while.
My leg reluctantly drags my foot.
My feeble neck cannot bear the weight of my head.
My skin tingles and crawls with electric pulsation.
My chest heaves with the effort of breathing.
Yet my spirit soars with every breath I do take
And my pride swells with knowing what I've done and seen and felt and known
And creativity floods every cell of my being
Just as happy memories flood my mind
And contentment fills the spaces my soul inhabits.

1 comment:

  1. Our minds and bodies, good servants to each other's commands.
    We can give ourselves a lift by looking up, straightening up, feeling up.

    You are truely amazing!!! I know it's not easy and yet you are doing it.
    Can't wait to get there.