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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Still Under the Weather

It has now been a full week with the cold. And I am still feeling rather miserable. However, I am happy to report that my Osteopath said that the pattern of healing going on underneath this cold is still strong and steady.

She explained more about her methods to my mother in our session today, and I wish I could explain it, but I can't. All I can say is that the more I see her, the more I am convinced that this is the way I am going to heal, and I deepen my impression of the parallels between what she does and Montessori.

One of the things she mentioned again, which is one of the things I love about going to see her, is that whereas everyone else I see health-wise is focused on what's wrong with me, she is focused on what's right - what's going on that is allowing me to heal, and what my innate natural patterns are.

In traditional schooling, professionals are focused on the problem of getting the knowledge into the child. In Montessori, we are focused on the potential, the perfection that lies within each child. In true authentic Montessori environments, that is what we look for - the natural and beautiful development of the child.

I am going to see the Naturopath tomorrow to get her perspective on how to handle this cold, and as good as she is, and as much as she understands ME, and all that goes with it, I know she will approach it from the same angle as every other doctor. It's just a different mindset. And right now, I need both. But I take my lead from the Osteopath, for sure, without a doubt, no question.

She also mentioned that it is quite common for people's symptoms to worsen at this time of year - holiday stress, solstice, whatever it is, it's a pattern she knows quite well. And another pattern that goes along with it is a tendency to rationalize, intellectualize and examine closely one's physical state - and I have to say that yes, I have indeed fallen into that (I know, big shock, right, me over-thinking things!).

In other news, my son has officially left for his Christmas vacation, and I will be missing him terribly for a week. Yes indeed. Hanukah has begun, and this year, we only got to light the first candle together. My sister has offered me any number of surrogate children for the week, and I will gladly be spending time with them to make up for the lack of mine. I also have some friends booking in for next week, and hopefully that will all be enough to keep me busy enough, yet still rested, so I don't go out of my mind when he's gone.

This is not the first time we've been apart, or the longest. That was 6 weeks a year and a half ago and that was really super hard, but I wasn't home, which made it easier. This time, I'm home. In our home. Where his stuff is. Where he is not. And that makes it harder. What makes it easier is that he is happy and excited, and he will have a wonderful time on the beach with people who adore him.

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  1. One drop of the sea cannot claim to come from one river, and another drop of the sea from another river;the sea is a single consistent whole.
    In the same way all beings are one; there is no being that does not come from the soul, and is not part of the soul.
    ~~Chandogya Upanishad~~