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Thursday, 8 December 2011

State of my Health

I got really great news last time I went to the Naturopath. I just haven't really shared it with anyone, because as you know, last week was nuts, and this week was spent compensating and living. But now I will share.

She was thrilled to report that I am all cleared out of the gut bacteria that was causing the brain fog. So now when my cognition slows down, it's for other reasons (which I already figured, because it feels sooooo wonderfully different). Apparently it is not so common to go from the very large amount I had before to nothing at all in so little time - so YAY garlic pills! I can now move to a lesser aggressive stance on those, 10 days off, 5 days on, but am to continue, should the little buggers decide to come back.

The methylation protocol is still working, and therefore there is no need as of yet to move on to the next stage which is injections. That made me very happy.

She recommended getting an SAD lamp (full spectrum whatever blue light thingie that people use for Seasonal Affective Disorder) to shut down melatonin production in the morning and kickstart cortisol in the mornings. I have a feeling this is going to change my schedule somewhat, which is not a bad thing at all.

So now that I'm doing so well, we can move to the next item on her list for treating M.E., and that is replacing the not-so-good-for-me bacteria with very-good-for-me bacteria via probiotics. Once that is in place, in a couple of months, we will start to work with my liver and do a more serious detox.

And just for me, she recommended balancing my ph, because apparently I am too alkaline, which does something or another, but I don't remember what, other than that when it's balanced it's easier to cleanse the liver. Yup, I'm so good with this medical stuff. Unfortunately, my note-taker couldn't make it to that appointment, so I am forced to rely solely on memory.

The other great news she gave me is that I have no lice. Yay, phewf, and thank the powers that be. That seems to be behind us now, although I and my son's stepmother will likely be checking his head every hour on the hour for the next three years, just to be sure.

The Osteopathy is still working very very well for me.

Other than that, I am happily knitting my boy's hat to his very specific specifications (you see, there has to be the same amount of each colour - this is very important). It's my first time doing stripes, and they've come off really well. I'll post a pic when it's all done.

I am continuing my volunteer hours at the school, since I seem to be able to handle it. I figure if I could get through last week without a total crash, and still do one meeting this week, then I'm good to go for two days on a regular week.

And that is all that's going on in Andy land.


  1. That is amazing news and I am so glad that you are moving on to the next stage of "healing" and how important that is. Love you!

  2. Just saw a show last week (Nature of Things) that covered some current reserach into the link between dysregulated gut bacteria and autism. More and more there's stuff coming out about how our gut health can really impact our body in different ways, it's facinating. So glad this is working well for you. Hope to see you soon!