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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

On How What Started as a Bad Day Ended Pretty Well

Today, when I woke up, I could not move. When I'm really fatigued, it feels like my wrists are full of lead. Today, it was my whole body. I've been sore, too. Just a general soreness that radiates around my limbs. It hurt to swallow, and my head hurt from the congestion. I barely hugged my boy this morning.

It picked up a little bit with breakfast - my sister made me matzah ball soup - and then I just lay around feeling miserable. My tea got cold because I forgot to drink it. There are more tissues in the house than snowflakes outside. It was a whiny, miserable start to the day.

Until I left the house. I went to pick up my Mom to go to my Doctor's appointment, and lo and behold, as I pull up to the school, one of my students is walking towards the parking lot. It turns out that today, there was a visitor coming in to give advice on what used to be my class. Had I not had this miserable cold, I would have been there to discuss the concept with her. So my day picked up hugely when I got to say hi to my student, the new teacher and the visitor.

And then it got even better. My Doctor has received the report from the specialist at the clinic I visited last month. The 15 blood tests came back normal, with only one indicator that had been there previously. But the best news is that the report says that my prognosis is excellent for a full recovery! My doctor also noted that through everything I've been going through I am in remarkably good spirits. No depression anywhere near me, thank-you very much. Just hope and determination!

Now I am listening to my son as he tests out my new bath-stool. How could my day possibly get better now?


  1. I am happy to hear that there is hope for you ;) Just focus on getting stronger and everything else will take care of itself, as said, there is an entire Village going on here. Thought I would check out your blog this morning, I did when you posted it last weekend but not since. Thanks for the kind words but just know that there is nothing I wouldn't do for our monkey. Day or night, if you need me for anything don't hesitate to ask! Both for him or yourself.
    He has always wanted a seat in the tub! One of our favourite commercials is the one for Premiere Tubs where the old lady walks into her tub, sits on the seat, and then pushes the button to lower herself in! lol. We both think that would be fantastic! If you ever get one of those, good luck getting me out of your bathroom!
    xo Stepmom

  2. Right living is the way to right thinking.
    ~~Abraham Joshua Heschel~~