I always thought of blogs as being narcissistic, business related, or as my sister's, a way of keeping in touch or memorializing.

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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Coming Home

Today a friend told me she misses reading my blog. Her saying that meant so much to me, that I've decided to see if blogging still fits me.

I did not return to my home in June. I returned to my home just in time for winter break. I returned with a child who is almost one year older. With my health in steadier, yet not all that much "better" shape. With the determination to change whatever needs to change so that I can stay here, and start to live a more independent life once again.

My energy leakage has been patched up, and I have spent the last 9 months learning how to keep it that way.

Quick update since the last time I wrote, for those who like to know what's going on medically speaking... I have started the GcMAF treatments, and I still cringe every time I have to inject myself. The result however, is a much steadier functionality level - an evening out of the see-sawing if you will - and a faster bounce-back from smaller decompensationary periods. I've been taking dessicated thyroid, which has increased my energy levels (yay!) and decreased the cognitive dysfunciton (double yay!). I've also tested positive for mycotoxins, and have begun a detoxing/binding treatment, to be followed by something or another that will actually get rid of them.

Being home again has been a process of re-orientation and rediscovery. I am grateful to the friends and family who helped me get myself settled, and so very very proud of this child who is taking responsibility for much of the housekeeping.

Since we've come home, we've already dealt with the ice storm, a cold for him, a cold for me, Christmas, a stomach bug for him, and New Years. And I'm still here. Not bad...

I am most enjoying the quiet. The shared quiet moments, like right now. These are the best!