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Saturday, 14 April 2012

I forgot about my brain!

It figures, that when I wrote about my doctor's visit, I forgot about the part related to my brain. Not exactly coincidental... right?

He mentioned that in Canada, we don't do SPECT scans for diagnostics, and he is right. The only brain image I had done was at the request of a neurologist I saw in my earliest stages of illness, and it was a normal MRI. Never done a SPECT scan, and probably never will. So I won't get to satisfy my personal curiosity about my own brain. Ah well.

But there is increasing research into how ME affects the brain, and it shows up in SPECT scans, which apparently measure blood flow, or something like that. What my new doctor said is pretty much that he suspects if they were to do such a scan on me, they would find abnormalities, which would make sense out of a lot of my neurological symptoms. Like the brain fog, the aphasia, the cognitive impairments, and the lack of stamina when it comes to concentration.

I like brain stuff, so I want to learn more about this. And I will. Just not now :)

In any case, as far as my treatment is concerned, there is no point in even thinking about my brain, because the adrenals are the first thing, along with the methylation (which is also brain-related) that have to be addressed. And we're already doing that, so what comes next will come.

Again, what's wonderful about this is the validation. There is a reason that my brain conks out after a little while, or when I try to multi-task. There is a reason why I suddenly can't think of the right word. There is a reason I forgot that he even mentioned my brain. And there is definitely a reason that I have trouble with too much sensory input. The doctor said so...  And much as I already knew so, it is really nice to be validated by someone with so much experience in the field.

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