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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Slowing down

Last time, I wrote about how I would love to find a way to slow down when life is speeding up around me. I am super happy and proud to report that I did it! In fact, I was sure it had been at least a month since I blogged, and that I'd been off Facebook for several weeks. Turns out I'm ten days short of a month, and my fb hiatus lasted at most a week.

That's how slow I've taking things.

The most wonderful part of all of this, is that it's all in my head. No really, it's all in how I choose to approach the situations in which I find myself. Which means that part of it is actually in my control! What an incredible discovery that was for me.

I realized while my son was with dad and stepmom for Christmas that there was no way I could maintain my level of functionality (which was pretty low already, if you recall) and feed him - metaphorically and literally speaking - through the school holidays. I also realized that I was feeling like it was a chore to be online, that I was starting to feel like I needed to know what was going on, and who was saying what, and where the zeitgeist among my friends was going. And you know what? I realized that was making me more tired, because I was pushing myself to stay online when really, I needed to be resting.

So guess what? This is so exciting - I did something about it! It seems I really am learning my lessons and more importantly, I'm able to translate those lessons into action - changing habits, especially those that have to do with our approach to life, is really really tough. And I am doing it. I'm so proud of myself.

I actually - gasp! - reached out and asked for help. My boy and I moved in with my parents for the rest of the school break. We came back to the house to feed the hedgie, and spent the rest of the time doing a lot of nothing. And you know what? I actually enjoyed the sort-of-self-imposed internet limits, the company, and best of all, I had a peaceful holiday season.

And it was all in how I chose to see things. I took care of us by letting someone else take care of us. I allowed the ups and downs of family life to pass by. I chose not to do all kinds of fun things, and I carefully selected where to put my small cache of energy. It was lovely.

I hope you entered the new year with as good a feeling as I did... Happy 2013!


  1. Awesome! I, too, haven't been blogging nearly as much as I used to. I have, on the other hand, been sleeping more, and getting more little jobs done, and spending more time reading to my kids. Kudos for having the self discipline to do it!

    1. The self-discipline I developed as a Montessori child? Heheheheh. Had to get that in there :)

      Thanks, crunchy, and glad you've been getting more sleep too - makes all the difference in the world.

  2. I am glad that you are continuing to learn how to take care of you. Much love.