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Monday, 15 October 2012

Introducing the Hedgie Baby

Yesterday was, as you can imagine, a big day in our family. We went to a rescue center to pick up our not-so-gently-used hedgehog. She is a real sweetie, especially considering what she's been through.

The drive out there is pretty long, so because of that, and because he just loves them so much, my son asked my parents to drive us. Which was good, because I just knew the whole day would use up a load of marbles. The nice lady at the rescue showed us how to bathe her, clip her toenails, and so forth. She also sourced everything for us, which for a spoonie is a fantastic thing. We came home fully equipped!

So far, the only extra thing I need to get used to is the constant noise of the pattering feet on the wheel. Other than that, a bit of out-of-cage time every day, and we're good to go.

The cloth lining in the cage gets changed every few days, and her wheel needs daily cleaning. Baths are every few months, nails get clipped every couple of weeks. So really, quite a low-maintenance pet who gives a lot more than she demands. Makes her a very good match for us. There are other things to consider, and I did my research (but you knew that, didn't you) to make sure we would be able to deal with her because I believe animals deserve forever homes, not temporary cuteness insanity that lands them back in the humane society or wherever.

Her story is that she was found in a park by a dog and its owner, missing both eyes, rather underweight, and very scared. The rescue took her in, fed her, helped her adjust, and most of the people who came by to adopt a hedgie couldn't get past her eyes, so she stayed with them for a good while. I am super proud that my boy was able to get past that, and to see what a fun pet she can be, even if she is blind.

The hedgie he had wanted was a male with a biting habit, a tendency to climb and a strong desire to escape his cage. Although my son thought this frisky fellow would be way more fun, he really understood that it would be too much for me to handle at this point in my life. I am a really really proud mom. My son is kind, and empathetic, and loving, and understanding. Sure, he whined about not getting the one he wanted, after we got home (not at the rescue, which I found interesting), but it was him who said we should bring the gentle girl home, after I was through explaining why the frisky boy was not such a good idea for us. So he feels he chose her. I think she chose us.


  1. I love this! I have always wanted a hedgehog. She looks adorable. Enjoy!


  2. Aaaah! So cute!

    My brother's hedgehog used to crawl across his shoulder and down into his shirt pocket, and then sit in his pocket munching on treats while brother watched TV. It was pretty cool.

    1. Thanks :) Can't wait 'til she's comfortable enough with us to that kind of thing. We're getting there...