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Monday, 14 November 2011

Ramble and Knit

I feel like I want to write. But I can't think what to write about. My head seems strangely empty, and yet so very very full. I wonder if this is the state of contemplation I am aiming for. If so, it's good. I think. Need some time to get used to it. I am however, rather loopy at the moment, which could be the cold my son so generously shared with me getting up into the head area. Wicked headaches the last few days.

So... am I finding that wonderful restful state of compensation, or am I feeling the effects of a cold... ? Don't know. Not sure if it really matters. Guess I will find out soon enough. Still, I have nothing to write about, but I feel like I want to post something today.

Oh - I know! I can post photos of the hats and scarves I made for my sister's children.

Did you know that knitting has been found to be therapeutic, and not just by anecdote? There are researchers out there, proving that knitting actually does stuff in your brain, and is good for you. There's a site somewhere, but I'm not going to go find it right now. I'll post it in the comments later if anybody really wants to know about it.


  1. I've taught myself how to knit over the last few weeks! It's been a mad few weeks - brother in ICU, beginnings of a flare - so it's become my relief. It's great to be able to focus on only one thing at a time, and it's just what I need. I love it!

  2. It really is soothing, isn't it...
    Sorry to hear about your brother and your flare. I hope both alleviate quickly! If you need online sources for patterns and tutorials and such, let me know. Best wishes for fast recoveries!!!

  3. I might actually!
    I'm just about able to knit and purl and am on my third scarf doing moss stitch. The brother wants one to cover his scars and I like the look of the basket weave stitch. The annoying thing is that there isn't a really good yarn shop close by so I'm stuck with cheapish ones that aren't that nice. The bother deserves the best!

  4. I don't know if they ship out to where you are, but www.knitpicks.com was recommended to me by the friend who taught me to knit.
    Bsket weave is lovely, super easy to adapt to whatever size, and can be very manly, with the right yarn, so yeah, good choice for the brother!

  5. Oooh! I'm loving the free patterns.
    Nope, they don't ship to me, which is annoying. I'm having a google for online shops that are near by so I don't spend a fortune on postage. I've also found a shop 30mins away from me, and kind of on the way to the hospital where the brother is, that stocks Rowen yarn. It's meant to be a great shop and the owners give you a cup of tea if you're in there for more than an hour.
    How do you keep track of where you are in a pattern on a brain fog day? It's getting annoying now.

  6. Good question. I haven't really found a good way... not for the really foggy days. I tend to stick to simple things on those days! And I count. A lot. Like every other stitch :)
    Are you on Ravelry? Tons of great free patterns there, too.
    Cups of tea are always a good thing.