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Thursday, 20 October 2011

One week, no schedule, feeling great

It has been one week since I made the conscious decision to abandon all routines and schedules as far as reality permits, and I am feeling incredibly fantastic. I have actually had symptom free periods of up to several hours. I have been more active, and with less repercussions.

So is this because the Osteopathy is working? Because the methylation is working? Because I've freed myself from certain constraints and therefore been able to put the energy I was spending worrying about scheduling into healing? Because I've been so successful at shifting my perspective? I have no idea. I have a very strong feeling it is a combination of all of these factors, and probably some others I am not taking into account as well.

It is so amazing to be feeling more like myself again. This week, I've been to Michael's, the dollar store, coffee shops, McDonalds, to buy a new dishwasher, to get my car serviced and to the ravine to sit by the river (but I didn't stay long because the leaf-blowers on the other side of the street were very ridiculously loud and annoying). I had a friend over for dinner, I've knit 2 toddler scarves, played around with wires and beads, cleaned up a section of my living room, painted, finished a book, and hey - I even took a shower! And all this while doing dishes by hand for three days, because the dishwasher's broken. Unbelievable. And the best part is that there has been no post-exertion crash - no extra healing time needed.

This is huge for me. Huge.

I do wonder, if all along, part of the problem was the low-volume yet constant rumbling in the back of my brain and coursing through my body that was worried about keeping track of things and events and times and responsibilities. I wonder how much of my energy was going into that, because now that it's not, I feel fantastic, and not just emotionally speaking. Not having a schedule has altered my physical reality, and that is truly amazing to me.


  1. Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I can comment again yaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

    Our life experiences will have resonances within our innermost being, so that we will feel the rapture of being alive.
    ~~~Joseph Campbe~~~

    My heart sings alongside yours.

  3. So glad to hear it! I'm sure there will be some ups and downs, but it's so exciting to see that the general trajectory is upward! Hope to see you soon.