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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I think I'm coming out of the slump

Today has been a rough day, but yesterday - oh yesterday was amazing!

I think I am past the detox and initial reaction to the methylation protocol I started two weeks ago. I can't remember if I've posted about this already, but it's a protocol meant to boost the methylation cycle, a biochemical something or another that is apparently blocked in many people with ME. I did read about it, I promise, but I can't for the life of me explain what it is. I do know that it is important for detoxification, neural processing, energy production, immune system reaction and all kinds of other extremely important things that my body should be doing automatically. Many people who go onto the methylation protocol first experience an intensification of several symptoms before they go on to improve (or not).

So I seem to be past that hump, and yesterday, finally, after the weeks and weeks of slump and then major crash, I actually felt like I had energy! My symptoms were pretty mild. I had a great skype session with my support group. I made it to Occupational Therapy, and then, I was feeling so good, that even though I knew I was pushing it a bit, I called a friend to go out for coffee. I even did some knitting when my son got home from school while I watched him play Club Penguin.

Needless to say, I felt incredible. Until I couldn't go to sleep. Because I was wired. And that is always always always a bad sign. It means that my body is in overdrive and a crash is imminent.

So today was a bit of a crash, but I am still on such a high from yesterday, that I don't care. I was good, and did my OT homework, which consists of two daily meditations - this is the best homework I've had in my LIFE! Yesterday we did a mindful eating activity with a raisin that in all honesty reminded me of why I enjoyed Montessori training (and school as a child, too) so very very much. I love using all my senses to explore and understand things. Did you know that a raisin actually makes a sound when you squish it? Or that it's not all the same colour? So cool.

So my neurological symptoms are up again. So I spent most of my morning doing much of nothing. And I forgot to put the groceries away (except the frozen items, which I put away while the delivery man was dealing with his papers). And I didn't empty the dishwasher. But I'm ok. I'm good. I'm happy.

I've seen a bit of a light, and that's enough for now. I know now for sure that I'm on my way out of this slump. Finally. My main goal now is to steady myself at a decent level to make it to the ME/CFS conference in Ottawa in two weeks, and to be able to actually spend some time with my aunt when she visits shortly after that.

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